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What is your stance on “foot washing” John 13:4- 17 It was definitely done by Yeshua at the last supper and he asks that we do it also if we love him.

Shalom, Eva

Because the Passover is about redemption and not about fellowship. The Passover is a picture of being redeemed and reconciled to HaShem of being brought out of Egypt (slavery to sin). The concept of foot washing is the same as “Love your neighbor as yourself,” and this concept in many forms is found through out the scriptures, old and new. Yahshua was painting a graphic picture for the talmidim to follow because some were promoting their own agendas. Remember how they were quarreling among themselves and how some family members came to Yahshua to influence him as to who would be the most important in the Kingdom. Yahshua also said if your right hand, eye, etc. offend thee cut it off or pull it out. Are we literally to cut off our hands or gouge out our eyes if they offend G-d or fellow believers by our lust or stealing? No, we are to reexamine our relationship with the Almighty and repent. It is the concept that matters. It was a teaching tool, and yes, many churches practice foot washing in a legalistic way, but they still harbor grudges, fail to curb their ambitions, and refuse to give place to their fellows. Some denominations handle snakes and drink poison based upon improper use of scripture missing the concept of the teaching, plainly ignoring that G-d said not to provoke Him by challenging Him. If a congregation wants to practice foot washing with the right heart and attitude I see no sin in that, but if they do it because it is a practice they feel compelled to do to maintain form, it would not be “Kosher.” Even if Messianics required ‘foot washing” by halacha as a mitzvah they as well as the churches that practice it should assume that without the proper heart it probably should not be practiced, for it would lead many into sin and resentfulness. YHVH said sacrifices stink to His nostrils when brought without the proper heart, but there is no curtailment against sacrifices if the offerer’s attitude is proper. Sacrifice without justice, mercy and love is useless. Hasatan used this irresponsible concept of demanding of G-d, of provoking G-d to lure Yahshua into sin in the 40 days in the wilderness. Yahshua replied, that we are not to provoke G-d. Although foot washing is not in the same category there is an analogy and surely we are not to tempt G-d by some irresponsible act designed to test Him. If we like Yahshua advised, live by every word that proceeded out of the mouth of G-d, The Torah, we would not need to be reminded by a word picture like foot washing to know denial of self and self-nullification brings us into the right relationship with YHVH Elohim. Until we can see our worthlessness and sinfulness we cannot experience the depth of the love of G-d for us. We would always put the other fellow first when the situation falls in accordance with Torah.

Shalom, Rabbi Milchama Ben David