“Shabbat Shalom” First Radio Message

July 5, 2002

This is Messianic Rabbi Phil Davis welcoming you to our first broadcast of “Shabbat Shalom.” By way of explanation, “Shabbat” is the Hebrew word for Sabbath and Shalom means peace and we at Beth Elohim Messianic Synagogue wish all of you a Sabbath Peace and G-d’s blessings.
Since most of this station’s listeners are traditional Christians they will naturally associate Sunday as the Sabbath, so my wishing you a Sabbath Peace may be somewhat confusing without a brief explanation, but first I’d like to introduce to you Rebettzin Davis. Rebettzin means the wife of the rabbi. Tama’ my wife is also an ordained rabbi and a medical professional. From time to time, she will be bringing messages related to biblical healing and health. Tama’ what have you to add?
Hello, I am honored to be a part of this program and I am looking forward to sharing with you teachings from Scripture from a medical perspective. If there are any subjects of particular interest to you concerning medical, sickness or spiritual concerns as they relate to the Bible I invite you to contact us at the address provided at the end of this broadcast. I will be happy to research your questions and address them in future programs, We hope you will take some time out of your day listen to our teaching, and that you will invite your family and friends to listen as well. Biblical teachings are applicable to people of all ages. And now, back to Rabbi Davis.
Biblically, Friday, starting at sundown until Saturday at sundown is the Biblical Sabbath set apart and ordained by G-d, and is the time honored by traditional and Messianic Jews to come together to study, worship, and praise G-d. I might add that I’ve heard many Christians say that the Biblical Sabbath was given to the Jews only, but if you will read In Genesis 2:2 G-d sanctified and set apart this day even before there was a race known as Jews. Therefore, my wishing you Sabbath Peace is preparatory to the biblical Sabbath beginning at sundown today. I pray that I may be a blessing to you in helping open up new and exciting discoveries from G-d’s Word by exploring the Jewish roots of Christianity.
On this initial broadcast, I want to first acquaint you with some doctrine and some of what Messianic Judaism is all about. First and foremost Messianic Jews believe that Jesus, Yahshua in Hebrew is the Son of G-d and our redeemer. He is to us, Yahshua HaMashiach the same as to Christians, Jesus the Messiah. Unlike Christianity however, we see Him as not only our messiah, and teacher, but as an Observant Jew who was known to His contemporaries by the title of haTorah, which was bestowed upon Him by both His detractors and followers in honor and appreciation of His total commitment to obedience to the Torah of G-d.

Today, I want to address the question of “Who is a true believer?” In the marketplace of religion, we encounter all kinds of diverse ideas surrounding this question, but did you know that Yahshua (Jesus) addressed this question Himself and gave us a definitive answer in the Book of Revelation.
Since Yahshua Himself has given us the definition it should settle, finally what a true believer is. Now, if you’ve ever truly wanted to know if you are a true believer get out your pencil and paper and jot down the biblical citations I will be giving you and study them for yourself at your convenience.
In this book, we find that Yahshua in (7) seven different places gives us the answer. It is noteworthy to also observe that the number (7) seven is the biblical number that denotes spiritual perfection, and stands for wholeness and completeness. It is the seven-fold witness of G-d for humankind.
We see that a “True Believer” is defined in the Word of G-d as someone:
(1) Who carries the Testimony of Yahshua (Jesus)! That is confessing and trusting in His faithfulness as your redeemer and Lord.
(2) And as someone who guards the commandments of G-d. And that means someone who obeys G-d’s Word, is jealous for it, and teaches His Torah.
At this time, I should explain that the Hebrew word Torah, translated, as Law in our English bibles would have been better translated as “Instructions or teachings.” If you think about it, what would your reaction be if someone told you that G-d’s instructions or teachings are dead? The proper translation has a completely different connotation and teaching that G-d’s instructions are dead should be to everyone utterly preposterous.
Before I give you the citations so that you can biblically confirm this information let me comment on the two-part definition found in the bible just given. The first part is self-evident. We must all receive Yahshua as our savior for forgiveness of sin. I might add that in Romans 3:25 (KJV) we need to read carefully the text for it says we are forgiven for sins past and not future sins. The second part of the definition is an obstacle for most believers. I must emphasize that Guarding or obeying Torah (the law) by virtue of your kinsman redeemer relationship to the Messiah does not constitute “works” as some would have us believe. No, it constitutes obedience, and the special response to so great a love as received from our Creator through Yahshua HaMashiach. Without listing all the numerous citations Yahshua constantly reminds us in the New Testament, which we refer to as the Messianic Scriptures that His disciples or followers are recognized because of their obedience and adherence to His commandments. Referring to those that obey or guard His Father’s Torah. Messianic Judaism does not teach “works” but obedience. As Sha’ul or Paul said, in the Book of Romans (KJV):
Rom 12:1 I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of G-d, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto G-d, which is your reasonable service.
Rom 12:2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of G-d.
And we can all know G-d’s perfect will for us for He has told us what His perfect will is in the Torah.
I’m often amused by the bumper sticker I see on cars with the acronym WWJD standing for “What would Jesus Do?” It suggests that we have to arbitrarily review Yahshua’s life and come up with some answer in a given situation based on our own interpretation and understanding. As such there are as many answers as there are personalities and people. It is for more simple than that. We only need to consult Torah and you will be instructed as to what He would do. There is no guesswork or personality involved. Yahshua is the living manifested Torah of G-d.
One last thought on this subject. There are 613 laws or precepts given for our instructions in the Old Testament or Tanakh, but did you know that there are according to biblical scholars 1050 commandments, laws, and precepts given in the NT. So no matter how you cut it, we have to deal with what is commonly referred to as “The Law.”
Now for the citations: Please write them down, study them and you’ll never be at a lost to inform anyone what a true Believer is:

We read this in: (1) Rev. 12:17
(2) Rev. 14:12
(3) Rev. 15:2-3 Where the over comers are described as those who sing the song of Moshe (the Law-Teachings) and the song of the Lamb (mauvh) grace.
The other four witnesses: “Word,” “Command,” and “Teachings” are often used as parallel words, or synonyms, or interchangeably.

Proof texts: a) Ps. 119:142
b) 119:151
)) c) 119:160
Compare also Ps. 119:105 with Prov. 6:23, and Prov 13:13

\ (4) Rev. 1:2
(5) Rev. 1:9
(6) Rev. 6:9
(7) Rev. 20:4

A total of Seven Perfect witnesses in the Book of Revelation, describing a true believer.
I should also like to add something found in PROVERBS 28: 9 and it reads:
“He who turns away his ear from hearing the teaching (Law-Torah-Instructions), Even his prayer is an abomination.”
For those that hold that the OT is not for modern believers this same precept is found in the NT at
John 9:31, 1 John 3:22 and again in the Tanakh at Yeshiyahu or Isaiah, the writer who gave us so many descriptions of the Messiah at chapter 59: 1-2
Messianic Judaism is informed by this doctrine, and as a result we not only believe that Yahshua is the Messiah, but are Torah observant which is our reasonable service and is biblically ordained by G-d in His letter to us and reconfirmed by Yahshua in His message to us.
As a ministry, we follow the biblical unction to take this message to the Jew first and to the non-Jew as well. We are a two-house congregation made up of both believing Jews and non-Jews. We observe no distinction between Jew and Gentile in the body of believers.
We observe G-d’s festivals and his Sabbath as He commands, and our worship services closely parallel those that would have been observed in the time of Yahshua’s first event.
Our assembly is headed by a rabbi, the Hebrew word for teacher, a cantor who leads the services in both Hebrew and English and a Shamash or deacon who is responsible for the facilities. Within out liturgy we include Messianic songs of praise and dance. We also offer classes in Messianic dance.
We have two services during the week. On Fridays at 7:30 PM is the Erev or evening service and on Saturdays at 10:00 AM is the Shacharit or morning service. On Friday evenings, we have a children’s school for all ages. One of the most edifying aspects of the Shacharit service is aliyah (meaning going up) where the congregation is invited to come to the Bema or pulpit and read from a section of the Torah for that week, and to make comments on the section that person reads if desired. This is traditional and examples of this is given throughout scripture specifically you might recall of Yahshua in Luke 4:16 through 4:20 when He read from Isaiah and stopped in the middle of the portion because prophetically where he stopped was yet to be fulfilled at His second coming. After services on Saturday for those who wish to attend, we have Torah study. Our last study was in the book of Romans.
Since, this radio program is designed to teach from the Jewish perspective you the listener will be informed and educated about Christianity’s Judaic heritage. Therefore, you will gain a greater knowledge and understanding of G-d’s Word. It is important to understand the culture, context and audience to which the writers of the Bible addressed if you are to correctly understand Scripture. For that reason we will discover the meaning of idiomatic expressions, customs and Hebrew and Greek semantics. There will be in-depth study and a note and pad would be helpful for listeners to refer back to for private study. We will be offering free a transcript of each program to everyone who writes in and requests one. I will add that we are not beggars and will not be soliciting money from you by mail. Donations are accepted but we believe that donations must be influenced by the Ruach Ha Kodesh (the Holy Spirit) and not by slick manipulations or rhetoric. At the Synagogue which means House of Study we do not even pass the plate, but like the Torah and Galatians 6:6 informs us G-d’s ministries are dependant upon those who are being fed.
We also encourage you to write us with your questions concerning the Bible, doctrine, theological positions or maybe that particular question you have always wanted addressed, but either never had time or you couldn’t get it answered satisfactorily. Questions about any of the teachings on this program or any other inquiries about Messianic Judaism are invited. We also maintain an e-mail list and publish a weekly torah commentary and comments on festivals and appropriate subjects. You may sign up for this service free by sending your name and e-mail address to us. I will give our address at the conclusion of this program.
In the meantime, why don’t you attend one or both of our services? You will be welcome Jew or non-Jew. Come informally, as you are, we like to be comfortable. Like all religious institutions we have traditions, but none that are imposed upon a visitor so you will feel comfortable and because the liturgy includes both Hebrew and the English translation you will never be at a lost as to what is going on.
We are located about 2-1/2 blocks east of CR 491 on the south side of SR 44 at S line Street in Lecanto. We are located behind a Spanish-American restaurant and sandwich shop in a traditional church building.
For your inquires, comments and questions you’d like to see addressed on this program contact Rabbi Phil Davis at PO Box 203, Lecanto, Florida 34460. If you would like a transcript, of this radio message write and request Transcript #1.

Shalom and Brachas, Peace and blessings and Shabbat Shalom.