Letters in Hebrew are also numbers and these numbers have a special significance.

The four letter name of G-d gives us a total of 26:

h (yod) = 10

v (heh) = 5

u (vav) = 6

v (heh) = 5

There were 10 generations from Adam to Noah and 10 generations from Noah to Abraham. From Abraham’s birth until the Torah (law-teaching-word) was given on Sinai there were 6 generations for a total of 26 generations.

For 26 generations G-d allowed a world to exist without obedience to His Will, as an act of compassion whose very name is “26”

Is God male or female?

The name of God ends with a (kamaz) vowel vuvh followed by a v (heh) which renders a masculine word feminine. Compare (yeled) – boy rkh, (yaldah) – girl vrkh

What we can conclude since the vh is masculine and vu is feminine that His Name incorporates both the masculine and feminine in its essence.

God is always used in the context implying (midat ha-rahamim), the Lord showing mercy and kindness in a compassionate role of Mother Creator, eaven as the very root of the word (rahaminm), mercy, is (rehem), the womb.

God is not only the our Father in heaven, but out kind, compassionate, and forgiving Mother as well as Judaism long ago acknowledged.