Ezekiel Study: Ezekiel’s Call 2:1-10

Ezekiel Study: Ezekiel’s Call 2:1-10
Ezekiel is addressed as “Son of man.” The context here would indicate that his human weakness was in view, in contrast to the strength of deity. For the superhuman task about to which he would be assigned, supernatural enablement was needed; something he did not have. So, G-d the Spirit (Ruach) indwelt him for the task.
Now he was ready to be commissioned to go to the house of Israel, which has been, and continues to be rebellious. Terms such as “rebellious”, “stubborn”, and “obstinate” are used to describe the nation. They are even likened to “thistles”, “thorns”, and “scorpions” standing in opposition to him.
But Ezekiel is carefully and completely prepared for the task at hand. First, he is given the message from G-d to eat and assimilate. He is forewarned that Israel will not receive his message. Finally, he who was naturally fearful, will now be made harder in spirit than even the rebellious house of Israel. This will enable him to give them G-d’s message whether or not they believe it. With this preparation, he is directed to go to the exiles already in captivity.
2:1. Son of man is an emphatic form of man, occurring over 90 times in the book to remind Ezekiel that in contrast to the majestic G-d, he was merely a mortal man. Yahshua haMashiach in His earthly ministry also took this title as His own. It indicated His complete and perfect identification with man, enabling Him to become our perfect substitute; our Paschal Lamb. The blood of an animal sacrifice was only a temporary covering for sin, whereas His shed blood provided for the expiation (full removal), of our sin (Heb. 2:14;10:4) and the imputed death indictment passed to all humanity through the Fall of man. Stand upon thy feet. Awestruck by the majestic sight of the divine glory, the prophet had fallen upon his face (1:28). He is now bidden to stand on his feet and prepare himself to receive G-d’s message.
2-3. The spirit entered into me. In contrast to the Holy Spirit walking beside and nurturing all true believers in our present age, in Old Testament times, the Spirit came upon selected individuals by Sovereign choice for the divine enablement necessary to accomplish superhuman tasks. It was not universal among those who trusted G-d, nor was it a permanent indwelling. Ezekiel was now enabled for his divine commission by the very Spirit of G-d indwelling him.
4-8. Impudent children and stiffhearted (Lit. the sons, stiff-faced and hardhearted). Israel’s problem was not one of ignorance, but one of obstinate and deliberate rebellion to the known will of G-d. Briers…thorns…scorpions. AS in the natural realm these objects stand in resistance to the traveler and laborer, so Israel will resist the message Ezekiel will bring from the L-rd. Speak my words. As a prophet from the L-rd, it was G-d’s message, even the very words, that he was to proclaim. The people will respond negatively and perhaps even threaten Ezekiel with harm, but he shall speak faithfully and not be discouraged.
9-10. Roll…lamentations…mourning…woe. In his vision, Ezekiel saw a leather scroll opened so both sides could be seen. No doubt, this message dealt with Israel’s past history of disobedience, idolatry, bloodshed, chastisement, and woe over her impending judgment. In 3:1-3. We see him assimilating this message. The following chapters in the next lesson address Ezekiel’s message from G-d to the house of Israel.