Ezekiel Introduction

Secret doctrine of the Son
We are entering into the Apocalyptic age that both Yahshua and John preached about, in fact, they both could be best characterized as apocalyptic teachers.

As we enter into the study of this important book let me say that it is very sad that the Sadducean priesthood as well as the Essenes in the time of Yahshua because of their oath of secrecy failed to reveal their secret doctrine to the Jewish populace. Had they done so it might have changed Jewish destiny in the same way that this doctrine in somewhat of a different form was taken by Christianity to the world. As it happened the Pharisaic tradition carried over in its traditions only the externals of the priestly culture, its code of purity, without its allied doctrine of individual salvation, a loss of the mystical understanding from which traditional Judaism has suffered to this day.

Daniel and Ezekiel are the basis of apocalyptic teaching. In both books we are exposed to visions where each author sees a form he identifies as the “Son of Man” (Ben Adam) which has a remarkable future history in the later apocalypses. This “Son of Man” is none other than Yahshua haMashiach. Yahshua also identifies Himself repeatedly in the Messianic Scriptures as the “Son of Man.” Ezekiel no less than 87 times in his book refers to this “Son of Man” which he sees on the chariot throne.

This is the foundation of apocalyptic teaching. This is the secret doctrine that is a part of the Kabbalah. Long before Christianity this doctrine of a divine man/god was known to the priests who failed to disseminate it to the populace because it was thought to dangerous in the hands of the uninitiated and they took an oath to keep it secret except from the very elite.

This doctrine is none other than Apocalyptic Christianity. It is Merkavah (Chariot’s Throne). I pondered if I should teach from this doctrine in correspondence with Ezekiel because it is so closely associated with Ezekiel, and Kabbalah is thought by some to be occult. Yet, it is important to show Christian theology’s indebtedness to it. Since Kabbalah can be misused and misunderstood by the spiritually immature I elected to teach this only with the provision that I show the falsity of Kabbalah’s misapplication by those mentioned and it’s authenticity where applicable, and then I felt it was permissible for me to teach it.

This promises to be an interesting and exciting study, however deep.

I’m looking forward to having you in my class.

Rabbi Phil Davis~Beth Elohim Messianic Synagogue.