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Shalom Rabbi Davis,
I have a question. Since Yahshua is the one doing the revealing, who is the child that the woman gave birth to in Rev 12? Thanks in advance for your answer.

Blessings, Sharon

Rev. 12:1-4 The woman referred to in these passages is Israel. Note: the twelve stars is a metaphor for the twelve tribes. The child (compare with Isaiah 66:7 and Ps. 2) being delivered is the Messiah. V. 4 refer to Hasatan (the Dragon) who was ready to devour her son (Yahshua) when he was born, but failed. Yahshua the second Adam defeated hasatan and legally won back humanity. The reference to 7 heads and ten horns is from Daniel 7:7, 24 that is the time of the rule of the anti-Messiah-Satan incarnate) The reference to the 1/3 part referred to is the fallen angels that followed Satan and were cast down to earth. Further, on in v. 6, 13-16 we see that YHVH will preserve the Jews. V.6 is G-d protecting the remnant of Jews and He hides them in the wilderness (probably Petra) during the Great Tribulation.

Hope this helps.

Shalom v’brachas, Rabbi Davis (R. Milchamah b. David)