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Dearest Rebbe,
Thanks so much for all of your trouble! I am so excited about our Mikvah on Shabbat. Is this kosher for Shabbat. I do have a type of Torah question for you. this has been coming up…. this two house stuff. One house “Epraim sp?” and “Judah”. I thought Epraim was part of Judah since they were through Josephs sons. So in actuallity aren’t they considered Jew already?

As far as the Christian gentiles who accept Yeshua but also the paganistic practices that go along with it – what are they called? I mean I thought about the babylon church and a verse in Revelation where Yeshua looked in the Book for those who had accepted HIm and obeyed his commandments.

One person told me today that christians were considered Ephraim, and would stand in the Heavenly Jerusalems temples outer courts were those who were following Torah in Yeshua would be in the inner courts as they are the Bride that is spoken of for Yeshua.

The story of the 10 virgins was brought up. Those that had bought extra oil were those who followed Torah and Messiah, where as those that ran out of oil were those who accepted Yeshua but didn’t follow His torah. They will not be allowed in the inner courts as they are “guest’s” of this great wedding between Yeshua and His Bride. the Bride again are those Virgins who accepted Yeshua HaMashiac and followed and obeyed Torah.
Then someone told me that it was only Jews in the inner courts other wise it’s considered replacement theology. What kind of junk is this that is tearing up Yah’s children? Which is the truth, I believe exactly as it says in the Word, that all who accept Yehshua and obey His Commandments are grafted into the olive tree being part of not replacing.

Those who accept Yeshua as Lord but diliberately disobey and fight about it havent really accepted accepted Him as L-rd in their in thier life. So they would have no place with Yeshua eternally.

Its hard to explain, all I think is correct is that you must accept Yeshua as your redeemer for forgivness of sins. In loving Him and serving Him it is our duty to obey Him as our L-rd. After all He is our King. Obedience is an act of love and worship. He told us if we L-ve Him, we will obey His commandments.

Please Rebbe, when you have the time I would some guidance on this. If I am wrong please correct me. I know we can’t do nothing to earn our place in Heaven ok. It is received through Grace. but as Paul responds in Romans – does this mean we are too keep on sinning? No heaven forbid! (adlibing with my words) lol
I appreciate your time Rebbe and pray our L-rd blesses you and yours families service to Him.

Kol Tuv, In His Service and yours, Colleen

Normally, the Mikvah is not done of Shabbat, but that is a rabbincal law. It is permissible for Messianic Jews, so praise YHVH and do good on Shabbat. Nothing better than committing your life to His Living and Written Torah.

Thank you for your contribution. The ministry always has just enough to make the monthly bills. YHVH promised us our needs not our wants.

The question you asked…think of it this way. You have a pie with 12 slices. Only one slice is Judah. The other 11 slices are 11 different tribes. In the Bible G-d gave promises to Israel as a whole, and He gave promises to Judah. They would write the Oracles of G-d, be a blessing to the World, and give the world the Messiah. Israel was separated into two kingdoms, and we have to be careful how we read scripture because most Christians think Judah (Jew) is all Israel and thinking that way leads many astray when it come to prophecy. Right now only Judah with some Levites are in the land, but G-d promises that all Israel, Judah and biological Israel with her fellow travelers (gentiles who are believers) will be united during the Millennium Kingdom. Look on the site in ” Teachings” and read “No Covenant for a Gentile Church.” Ephraim is a technical word used by rabbis to mean Gentiles, because G-d divorced Israel and made them Goys (gentiles) because of their idolatrous and Gentile ways. In Ezekiel He promised to reunite them at the Millennium. Making the stick of Judah and the stick of Israel one in the hands of the Messiah.

An example is this: Yahshua said I have not come to destroy Torah but to fulfill it. These two words “destroy” and “fulfill” are technical words used by the rabbis. The Christian church interprets this to mean he fulfilled Torah and it was done away with., but even the Greek does not support that conclusion. However, when I say you destroy Torah I mean you interpreted it wrongly or you are doing it wrongly. If I say you fulfill Torah, I mean you interpreted it rightly and doing it rightly. The Messiah was to come and show us how to live Torah in other words to interpret it for us. See my sermons or papers on “Sermon of the Mount,” where He interpreted it. For example: It says you are not to commit adultery and He say you are not to lust after a woman for you are already guilty. He brought in the element of desire or intent even if it was not carried out.

No, Christians are not considered Ephraim as pertains to the prophecy of reuniting the two sticks. Read my paper in “Teachings” (No Covenant for the Gentile Church.” All Christians are not Ephraim. Only those that are biologically Israelites and only G-d knows who they are. Yet, if a person Jew, Gentile, or biological Israelite does not conform to Yahshua’s’ definition of a true believer found in Revelations they are not partakers of the Covenants of Israel and are lost. See my paper on “Yahshua’s definition of a True Believer or Worshipper” found on the index page.

It is my belief as informed by G-d’s Word that we not only have to trust in the faithfulness of Yahshua, but also have to be obedient to G-d’s Torah. Therefore, a Christian who is not Torah observant would not be saved according to What Yahshua defined as a true believer in Revelations. We might fall and be forgiven if we sincerely repent, but sins of high handedness will not be forgiven. Look in your KJV bible at Romans 3:25 and 2:Peter 1: 9 and see that when we trust in Yahshua we are forgiven of PAST sins, not future one. If we sin, we must truly repent. Believing in the faithfulness of Yahshua reconciles us to G-d but now we must be obedient. In Scripture He says many come to Him and say I do miracles and wonders and signs in your name and He rejects them saying I never knew ye. Many who profess Yahshua will not be saved because they lack an essential part of Yahshua’s definition. Many Jews follow Torah and many Gentiles trust Yahshua but each lacks one part of Yahshua’s definition of a true believer, either trust or torah observance. I believe that is why G-d is raising up Messianic Judaism in this time, before the end of time, for those of the ecclesia (translated church in English bibles but means “called out ones”) who come out of her, the apostate church, to have a place to go. That might sound arrogant of me but I believe Scripture supports it. As to what are Christians who accept the hellenistic practices of Christianity called, LOST.

The parable of the ten virgins, the ones without the oil were lost and were not invited to the wedding. In no way does the Scripture imply that they were accorded salvation but in a different capacity. YHVH says there is only ONE way and He does not differentiate. That almost sounds like two covenant theology with a new name..

Those explanations you reported are nothing more than attempts to deny G-d’s Torah. Yes, we obey G-d’s Torah because we love Him and if we obeyed it without trusting Yahshua we are still lost, and vice versa, if we trust Yahshua and do not obey G-d’s Torah we are lost. Yahshua plainly says in Revelation that we must guard and obey YHVH’s Written Torah.

Keep studying and go to the sites Teachings, Studies, and Sermons section for more information. I address questions like this all the time.

Also read my paper on the “Trinity” to see who Yahshua is, He is YHVH. G-d Himself gave His life for us on the execution stake. YHVH Elohim the transcendent G-d and Yahshua YHVH the immanent G-d.

Shalom v’brachas, Rabbi Davis (R. Milchamah b. David)