Email 29

Rabbi Davis,

Thanks for the explanation. I was interested in this topic because of a conversation that I had with an individual. About five months ago he told me that men were never referred to as adulterers in the Mosaic law. About two months ago he stopped by my office and brought the topic up again. I explained that in Leviticus 20 man is referred to as an adulterer and offered to show him but he refused to look at it. Last week he approached me with the explanation that I emailed you. The fact that he changed his position then said “see I was right” and my past experiences with him made me not trust him completely. His answer made some sense so I told him I could see it and would check into it. I left our discussion at that, I didn’t point out that he changed his position because I didn’t want to argue – and he would. I decided to look into it and wanted a Rabbi to explain it so I would have the correct understanding. It was definitely a blessing because it has given me more passion for G-d’s (I like that spelling) word. Over the last few nights, I have fallen asleep wrapped up in my thoughts about the word. I will admit it is great.
I am an active duty Staff Sgt in the USAF at VMI. I am also a student through (Name of University deleted) University and will be graduating in May with a B.S. in Religion/Business. I will be enrolling in the seminary at (Name Deleted) in a few months. I hope I didn’t trouble you to much when I emailed you. G-d’s word is something that I take seriously and want to understand it correctly. I find the best way to learn and remember is to completely break down a topic and put it back together. That is why I asked so many questions.
I really enjoyed your emails. If I was still in Florida I would visit you. I was stationed at Eglin AFB (Ft. Walton Beach) for 8 years before coming to VMI over 2 years ago. I believe the 6 hour trip from Eglin to Lecanto would be worth it.

Your brother in Christ, Lance

Dear Lance:

Keep up the good work and many blessings because you want to learn and understand the Word of G-d.

I took no offense in the slightest at your e-mails. Sometimes e-mail sticks out, and I suspected you had a serious desire to understand by the way you constructed your questions. Too many people are superficial with the word of G-d. I appreciate those that are not!

On the internet there is the handicap of not always understanding the deep commitment of the inquirer because there can be no “give and take,” and I wanted to know something of your conviction in the matter. I find it commendable. It is also helpful to understand a person’s educational background, and spiritual maturity. Answering questions from various individuals demands different levels of response. It can mean starting from the beginning of a doctrine, and explaining its development before you can actually address a specific question or for the more knowledgeable a shorter specific version.

With inquirers like you who sincerely want some input on a question, I will spend as much time as is necessary for that is the will of G-d.

May HaShem bless and keep you and may your studies go well.

I suspect you will be more desirous of knowing the Word of G-d as you progress in your studies. After 10 years of studying at the undergraduate and graduate level at Jewish institutions and another 10 years at Christian institutions I find you can never be satiated with the Word of G-d. Study is a life long pursuit for those that Love G-d.

Shalom v’brachas, Rabbi Davis (R. Milchamah b. David)