Definition of a True Believer

The definition of a True Believer

Although the Book of Revelation contains much of what is still to come, certain fundamental teachings are found in it. One revelation that comes through very clearly is the definition of a True Believer or definition of True Worship, which is given in 7 places-the biblical number of perfection.
True Worship rests on two fundamental principles, and the True Worshipper has to comply with these two requirements:

1) To guard (keep and teach) the commands of G-d – YHVH
2) To believe in Yahshua (trust through actions)

Seven Witnesses:
We read this in:
1) Rev. 12:17
2) Rev. 14:12
3) Rev. 15:2-3
Where the overcomers are described as those who sing the song of Moshe (the Law-Teachings) and the song of the Lamb (Yahshua).

The other four witnesses: “Word,” “Command,” and “Teachings” are often used as parallel words, or synonyms, or interchangeably.

Proof texts:
1) Ps. 119:142
2) 119:151
3) 119:160
Compare also Ps. 119:105 with Prov. 6:23, and Prov. 13:13

4) Rev. 1:2
5) Rev. 1:9
6) Rev. 6:9
7) Rev. 20:4

A total of Seven Perfect witnesses in the Book of Revelation.

Look up the citations and read them for yourself, the disposition of your soul depends on it.


He who turns away his ear from hearing the teaching (Torah-Law),
Even his prayer is an abomination

Isaiah 59:1-2, John 9:31, 1 John 3:22