Reflections on G-d, Time, and Predestination

The reality of the world is nowadays apprehended in terms of electromagnetic fields. But when I look at the world I do not see electromagnetic fields, nor do I perceive any diagrammatic representations of a mathematical formula. What I see is a table, chair, tree, and arm, which is to say that my organs of… Read more »

The Psychology of Religious Conversion

The modern study of conversion can be employed as a technical term, within specific limits. It also illustrates that every community develops its own definition of conversion. This contention is illustrated in the change of the definition of conversion from Paul to Luke. Paul, as well as other first century Jews, spoke of internal states… Read more »


Text: Genesis 6:1-8 This week’s Parsha concerns Noah, the first civilization, and society. From this Sidrah we can learn 6 facts: The world’s population ignored YHVH and became worldly and immoral and even the godly became immoral and worldly, ignoring YHVH, and rebelling against Him. YHVH was distraught and He warned mankind that He would… Read more »

Another Look at the Pharisees

A third-century rabbi, reflecting on the past history of his people, remarked,” Israel went into exile only after it became divided into twenty-four sects.” Although we cannot be sure of the exact number, there can be no doubt that at the time of the destruction of the Temple ( 70 A.D.) Judaism was divided into… Read more »

The “Heh” v in Abraham’s and Sarah’s Names

Scripture informs us that YHVH Elohim visited Abram five times and on the fifth visitation gave Abram a new name, Abraham. This is the first mention of any human receiving a new name in Scripture, and because of its uniqueness; we should look to see if there is a deeper lesson to learn from this… Read more »


This paper is prepared to allow the average Believer to examine some of the “Church Identified” Heresies then and now. As you read this paper you may find that some of the concepts identified as heresies are part of your belief system or the belief system of your religious affiliation. Many of the same arguments… Read more »

Women and Scripture

Unfortunately, many men in our religious institutions misuse Scripture to place women in a religious role the Scripture’s never proclaimed. I have listed some of the most common verses used in this manner with an explanation of their true meaning based on credible biblical evidence. Please read on. 1 Tim 2:8 I will therefore that… Read more »

Who is Malchizedek (Malki-Zedek) and what was his mission?

He was the King of Salem (Gen. 14:18) and a Priest of “G-d most high” (El elyon ) the first time this expression is used in the Bible. In the Messianic Scriptures Yahshua is referred to by demoniacs as “Son of HaElyon” in Mk. 5:7; Luke 8:28; Acts 16:17; Hebrews 7:1). Traditional Judaism believes Malchizedek… Read more »


Elements: The Wisdom of G-d will seem as foolishness to man Humankind claims that a woman should have control over her body in the sense that she can grant or deny life. We might consider that her control should have been manifested when she fornicated. Biblical point of view is that we are not (sovereign)… Read more »

G-d’s New Thing

Text: Isaiah 43:18-21 We are entering into the New Year and this reminded me of reading some time ago in a newspaper of a reported suicide on the first day of a New Year. The victim was an eighteen-year-old girl. Before she took her life she left a note, which read, “I made an agreement… Read more »