A Warning to Believers

“Let no man beguile you of your reward”(Colossians 2:18). At the outset, it is well for us to remark how very frequently that Sha’ul teaches us by his metaphors to a race the example of life as a Believer. Repeatedly he tells us to run so that we may obtain, urging us to strive, and… Read more »

Dying to Self and Following Yahshua

In the past you have heard me speak of Kabbalah and the most important perquisite to studying this discipline is self-nullification. To put it another way self-nullification is “to die to self.” This principle of dying to “self” is prominently found in the Sermon on the Mount. This is the subject of my message today…. Read more »

Blessed are the Poor in Spirit

Recently, I had a conversation with a pastor who teaches that the “Body of Christ” must attain a certain level of holiness or righteousness before the Messiah will return, and set up His earthly Kingdom. The converse of this idea is that Yahshua’s return is dependant upon our righteousness. I might add his interpretation of… Read more »


Ruth means “friendship” It is a tradition to read Ruth on every Shavuot. This little book of four chapters holds many doctrinal and theological concepts that are meaningful to us as Messianic believers. Besides redemption, which by the way occurs 23 times in this book, another of the central truths in the Book of Ruth… Read more »

The Wrong Way to Witness

* “Messianity” is a term first used by my wife describing Christian churches whose clergy and members describe themselves as Messianic without following G-d’s Torah. These churches provide their own bread (doctrine) that is not consistent with G-d’s Laws/instructions. These types of people are described in Isaiah 4:1. A typical Christian approach today to gain… Read more »

The Whole Armour of G-d.

We are going to take the subject to arrive at what is truth and what is deception. Shortly it will become readily apparent how the “Whole Armour of G-d”” confirms that Torah is Truth and anything taught contrary to or against Torah is of the adversary. TEXT: Ephesians 6:10-17 10 Finally” my brethren” be strong… Read more »

Sermon on the Mount

We are gong to look into the structure of the Sermon on the Mount and examine some of the doctrine found there. This is doubly important because it is Yahshua’s teaching, and His own doctrine that is delivered to us. Because of the doctrine of antinomianism (anti-law) that is prevalent in Christianity, many do not… Read more »

“Who are you and from where have you come?”

During adolescents we become aware, and are faced with the dilemma of discovering who we are. Our knowing and confirming the answer to this question is the essential element that provides us with the foundation upon which to build a successful life. Unfortunately, many of us never discover the truth and it becomes the perennial… Read more »

Matthew 5:19

Tonight, I want to examine as my key verse, Mattityahu 5:19 Therefore, whoever annuls one of the least of these mitzvot (divine commandments given by HaShem to Moshe Rebbenu) and so teaches B’nei Adam (children of mankind), shall be called katon (least) in the Malchut HaShomayim (Kingdom of Heaven); but whoever practices and teaches them,… Read more »

Personal Responsibility

In Hebrews 6: 1 we see this phrase: ” turning from works that lead to death and trusting G-d.” Many people suppose this to mean turning from the Law or Torah, but what it actually means is “teshuva” or in English, repentance. We must turn from “works of sin that lead to death and to… Read more »