The Authenticity of Torah -Through the Chanukkah Story

Tonight we are going to talk about the concept of authenticity as it relates to G-d, Torah (The Bible), and the attitudes of today’s society. I hope this will be an enjoyable, but thought provoking message. In order that we may understand this message in it’s full context, we will refer back to a time… Read more »

Not One, But Two Meals on the Messiah

I was studying Torah one afternoon and I ran across something of which I had never before been aware. Most of us have heard about the feeding of the five thousand found in Matt.14: 13-21, Mark 6:30-44; Luke 9:10-17; John 6:1-14. However, are you aware there was another miraculous feeding during Yahshua’s ministry? Let us… Read more »

Yahshua says: I am the Way

Text: John 14:6 Yahshua saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. (KJV) Recently, while I was driving to Maryland I saw a billboard that simply proclaimed that “Jesus (Yahshua) is the Way.” We all recognize this phrase, and those who are… Read more »

Yahshua, Atonement, and Christianity

You would not normally hear any professed believer express any doubt of who and what purpose Yahshua’s is and what His Mission was, yet, theologians and the early “church fathers” have pondered over this question for almost 2000 years. So far, two main doctrines have evolved from their investigation into this question. Grass root Christians… Read more »

The Temptation of Yahshua

Text: Matthew 4:1-11 1 Then the Spirit led Yahshua up into the wilderness to be tempted by the Adversary. Do you see something incredible in the first verse? A different aspect of the work of the Ruach HaKodesh, contrary to what is generally taught. I want you to become aware of the difference: “Then the… Read more »

How to Know G-d

Before we get into the subject of my message this week, I want us to reflect a bit on our individual lives. If you consider what I have to say you will receive my message with opened eyes. It’s called “Count your blessings, ” if you… Woke up this morning with more health than illness,… Read more »

Workers of Iniquity : carnality and antinomianism defined

What is the scriptural definition of this word, “INIQUITY”? Have you ever wondered what Yahshua meant when He used it? Stick with me and I will give you the biblical definition and then fasten your seatbelts. But first ask your selves why is it that people listen to men, instead of the King who holds… Read more »


I. Introduction 1. The Bible presents two prominent themes in its sixty-six books. 1. The way to God 2. The walk with God 2. The first theme is directed to the lost-those dead in their sins. It tells how they can be saved. 3. The second theme is aimed at the Believer, explaining how to… Read more »

The Concept of Freedom: Freedom From/Freedom For

Tonight, I want to talk to you about “Freedom.” We in the US like to boast about our freedoms, yet I say democracies are both a blessing or a curse: as Torah is a blessing or a curse. Largely everything depends upon how we understand the concept of freedom and of Torah. A large part… Read more »


Radio transcript #2 Rabbi Tama’ Davis Hypostasis and our Relationship to G-d Tonight I want to talk about the problem of poor circulation as it relates to our relationship with G-d. How many of you have been told that you have poor circulation in your legs? What are the symptoms? Let me first say before… Read more »