Parashot #42-43 : Mattot/Masa’ei B’midbar (Numbers) 30:2-32:42 and 33:1-36:13

Beth Elohim Messianic Synagogue Parashah #42 Mattot (Tribes) and #43 Masa’ei (Stages) (read together in regular years) B’midbar (Numbers) 30:2-32:42 and 33;1-36:13 Haftarah: Yirmeyahu (Jeremiah) 1:1-2:3 for Mattot B’rit Chadashah: Mattityahu (Matthew) 5:33-37 for Mattot This week we learn or are reminded that oaths, vows, and obligations invoke the name of the L-rd. The entire… Read more »

Parashah #43: Masa’ei (Stages) B’midbar (Numbers) 33:1-36:13

Beth Elohim Messianic Synagogue Parashah# 43: Masa’ei (Stages): B’midbar (Numbers 33:1-36:13) Haftarah: Yirmeyahu (Jeremiah) 2:4-28; 4:1-2 B’rit Chadashah: Ya’akov (James) 4:1-12 This parashah describes the stages of the journey from Egypt to the edge of the Land; a “recap” if you will, lest the people forget their sins, and the kindnesses of the L-rd including… Read more »

Parahshot #42 and #43 Mattot and Masa’ei B’midbar (Numbers) 30:2-36:13

Beth Elohim Messianic Synagogue Parashah#42: Mattot (Tribes) B’Midbar (Numbers) 30:2-32-42 Haftarah: Yirmeyahu (Jeremiah) 1:1-2:3 B’rit Chadashah: Mattityahu (Matthew) 5:33-37 Parashah #43 Masa’ei (Stages) B’midbar 33:1-36:13 read together in regular years. Three themes dominate our first parashah. The first is the narrative on the laws pertaining to vows. The second addresses the battle against Midian which… Read more »