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Email 12

For years i have been comfortable with christ and G-D, yet always feel estranged to the holy spirit. I cannot tell if this perception is a lie or I have grieved him. Your thoughts on this would be helpful. Zero First, I would suggest that you go to “Studies” on our from the index page… Read more »

Email 11

Am I correct in believing that Daniel was a eunuch because he was not married and he was under the care of the chief eunuch? Havah Dear Havah, Your statement that Daniel was a eunuch is questionable. The common definition of a eunuch in our modern concept of this word is a male deprived of… Read more »

Email 10

Can you help me with a question. I have heard it said that when the Cohen Gadol would enter the Most Holy Place that a fleece was dipped in blood and hung outside of the temple. It was for the people to see if YHVH had accepted the sacrifice and offering, and if He had… Read more »

Email 9

Rabbi,Thank you for answering a question that has bothered me for a long time. It came out of a mistaken effort on my part to pin down the date of our Savior’s birth (If Zechariah ws handling the incense [Luke 1: 8-10] and the incense burner was in the Holiest of Holies then he must… Read more »

Email 7

Hi, I’ll bet you get this all the time. In Hebrews 9:4 the altar of incense is placed behind the curtain. Why is that? thanx for your time and consideration. Heb. 9: 2-4 A tent was set up, the outer one, which was called the Holy Place; in it were the menorah, the table and… Read more »

Email 6

How does one become a Messianic Rabbi? e.g. Where can a person train to be a Messianic Rabbi? And how does a person qualify to train? Ya’acov Dear Ya’acov: A simple question, but one that requires a complex answer as well as personal observations. First, there is no central authority within Messianic Judaism that grants… Read more »

Email 5

Baby Dedication = this is offered in the Christian Community… a time where parents pledge in front of the congregation that they will raise their child in the “faith,” allowing and believing that the child, himself, has to come to G-d on his own. Is there something similar to that in the Messianic Community. I… Read more »

Email 4

Shalom, I’d appreciate your opinion on the following question: Why are Messianic congregation leaders called Rabbi? I refer to Matthew 23:8 (KJV) which says “But be not ye called Rabbi: for one is your Master, even Christ; and all ye are brethren.” (I found this on the internet in The Hebrew Names Version of the… Read more »

Email 3

If Jesus was being kissed and hugged, His feet and legs, that is, in front of the Pharisee, Simon, would Simon have declared Erusin, saying that these two appear to want to be together? Was there at least, a Civil Law Attachment of Jesus to Mary? I believe this to be true, only that Jesus… Read more »

Email 2

Is there any information on tithing in the Massorah, or other Jewish books? I’m doing a study, I feel all three tithes that we were taught in WWCG should have been only one. I think that you take a tenth to the feast and what you don’t use, you leave for the priest. On the… Read more »