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Email 32

Here’s yet another question: Genesis 32:24-32, when Jacob “wrestled a man” until the breaking of the day– I was taught that the man Jacob wrestled with was the LORD, for it was Him that told Jacob that his name was to be Israel, and Jacob goes on to name the place they wrestled Peniel because… Read more »

Email 31

What is your view and and the traditional Jewish view of Daniel’s vision of the kingdom? I will try to give you a succinct version of my understanding of the kingdom. Then, I will give you the traditionally Jewish interpretation of these passages. It is a world wide political system incorporating both religious and political… Read more »

Email 30

Hi, I was wondering if it is wrong (Not to make any figures for ornament, even if they are not worshipped –Ex. 20:20) to have a Menorah pendent. A friend had given it to me a long time ago, because I couldn’t have a real menorah, because my mom wasn’t into having anything Jewish. Thanks,… Read more »

Email 29

Rabbi Davis, Thanks for the explanation. I was interested in this topic because of a conversation that I had with an individual. About five months ago he told me that men were never referred to as adulterers in the Mosaic law. About two months ago he stopped by my office and brought the topic up… Read more »

Email 28

What is adultery in the bible and other discourses on the subject. This was an interesting exchange so have included several of the e-mails. The following gives a little of the flavor of the interaction between the inquirer and myself. Lance Dear Lance, Maybe I can make the biblical definition of adultery in the Old… Read more »

Email 27

Did Yahshua (Jesus) lie in John 7:8. Question concerning specifically verse 8 (I am not yet going up to this feast). You had discussed this earlier this year, but not in depth or I didn’t listen “in depth”. We were discussing this at work the other day and the consensus of opinion among most of… Read more »

Email 26

Hi, when Miriam gave birth to Y’shua, was it a virgin birth? Some Rabbinical Jewish people have been saying the Hebrew word almah is referred to ‘young women’ and not virgin, is this true? And they are saying that Y’shua didn’t fulfill all the requirements, but wouldn’t they be fulfilled in the 2nd coming? And… Read more »

Email 25

My question refers to the Mosaic Law. What is adultery when it relates to men? I was recently told that a man having relations with a married woman is adultery but a married man having relations with a unmarried woman is referred to as fornication not adultery. This person explained that the correct term was… Read more »

Email 24

Rabbi: Can you please give me clarification on this scripture: John 8:58. It is my opinion that in this scripture, Christ is claiming to be the “I AM”, one of the old testament references to God – THE God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. In your scholarly opinion, is Jesus claiming to be “God” in… Read more »

Email 23

Dear Rabbi, My question is: do I have any justification across the Hebrew and the Greek for tying these two verses together? I Kings 7:23 says “He made the Sea of cast metal, circular in shape…….” speaking of the enormous reservoir used by the priests for ritual cleansing in the temple(II Chron. 4:6). In Revelation… Read more »