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Response to Question #50

Kaye P. asked where we are located. Kay, you did not leave a return e-mail so I would like for you to send it to the site┬áso I can provide detailed instructions. Thank you for your interest in the synagogue. Brachas v’shalom, R. Tamah Davis  

Response to “Ask the Rabbi” June 27

The question is about touching the Torah scroll. The prohibitions against touching the scroll are both practical and Rabbinical. We do not touch the Torah scroll out of respect and reverence for G-d’s Word, of course. According to the Rabbinic rulings, one becomes ritually unclean from touching the scroll and the mitzvot of reading from… Read more »

Question about unclean animals

Shalom Ralph, Thank you for the interesting question. I am not sure which scriptures to which you are referring as there are multiple teachings on unclean animals. There are those that are forbidden to eat enumerated in Leviticus Chapter 11. Again, these are laws pertaining to eating and not touching. There are animals that if… Read more »

Question about bar mitzvah

There is nothing definitive about whether a step-father may hold a bar mitzvah for his step-son in G-d’s Torah. Therefore, holding to the concept/logic of kalv’komer (from the lesser to the greater), I submit to you that since this step-father has taken on the young man as his own son, it is permissible. Yahshua often… Read more »

Email 47

Shalom Rabbi Davis, I have a question. Since Yahshua is the one doing the revealing, who is the child that the woman gave birth to in Rev 12? Thanks in advance for your answer. Blessings, Sharon Rev. 12:1-4 The woman referred to in these passages is Israel. Note: the twelve stars is a metaphor for… Read more »

Email 46

What exactly did Yeshua mean when he said in Luke 10:19, “Remember, I have give you authority; so you can tread on snakes and scorpions.” Is this some type of Jewish idiom? Thank you, Tamala Dear Tamala, No, this is not a Jewish idiom. It is a reference to the Messianic Age (The Millennium when… Read more »

Email 45

Shalom Rabbi Davis, I was told that there is no such thing as a Messianic Jew.That you were either Christian or Jew.I told them the term Jew means born in Judea or of the Tribe of Judah.So you could be a Messianic Jew. So Rabbi Davis, What is your thoughts on it? What is a… Read more »

Email 44

Greetings, the question popped in my head at work today. I’m not Jewish although I listen to a show on Sundays called the Sunday Simcha. I have been to Israel, my mom’s husband is what you’d call a converted Jew. Although my belief system is somewhat Christian based, I’ve always studied up on other Religions… Read more »

Email 43

Dearest Rebbe, Thanks so much for all of your trouble! I am so excited about our Mikvah on Shabbat. Is this kosher for Shabbat. I do have a type of Torah question for you. this has been coming up…. this two house stuff. One house “Epraim sp?” and “Judah”. I thought Epraim was part of… Read more »