The Wisdom of G-d will seem as foolishness to man
Humankind claims that a woman should have control over her body in the sense that she can grant or deny life. We might consider that her control should have been manifested when she fornicated.

Biblical point of view is that we are not (sovereign) we are created; G-d is the Creator. We are not our own. We have no right to determine if a child (fetus) should live or die. Secondly, biblically, life in the womb is at conception. Thirdly, by killing the unborn we are committing murder. We are guilty of spilling innocent blood. Innocent blood cries from the ground to G-d for justice. Fourthly, we are collectively guilty even if we believe abortion wrong or have not submitted to abortion; G-d will visit upon this nation devastation when the cup of iniquity becomes full like other nations in the past. None of us is innocent because we did not pool our voices nor muster political power to prevent it.

In the end, abortion is nothing more than offering a child upon the altar of sex. It is not only a heinous crime but it is idolatry. It is no different from the immolation of children in the Old Testament where they made the child pass through the fire. We are all guilty and we will all collectively suffer G-d’s retribution.